I was at work this afternoon when I looked out the window, which at the moment means rounding a corner and staring out though an office full of important people, most who think I am looking at them!

It was raining, and in Queensland that means a slow slow drive home, and inevitably -  there WILL be an accident, there WILL be people stopped illegally under road bridges half out into the traffic lane slowing everyone else down so they don’t get any water on their precious hunk of junk car…  Breath, breath…. Anyway…

When I did make it home, I didn’t really feel like cooking up a storm, however I did feel like something quick  and totally delicious.

This is not your ordinary grilled chicken breast, this one is stuffed with sautéed bacon and shallots!

As always I used our trusty thermo cooker (the Bellini Intelli) which Kate wants to get rid of in favour of a Thermomix….But that is another story.

If you don’t have one of these fantastic machines just sauté the bacon and shallots in a pan, and wiz up the avocado cream by hand!



I served this with my absolute favourite vegetable – baby beetroot.

Enjoy and may your travels home be quicker than mine!