My Christmas present this year was a voucher to go along to a Weber Q Master Class. I hopped along to it a few weeks ago, the information and food was great we got to try everything the instructor cooked up which were –  a Pissaladière (French onion tart), steak, chicken, salmon (which is not something I have eaten for years) and even cupcakes!

While he was cooking (and we were eating) he was exulting the virtues of the Weber Q, just how easy and how quick it is to cook delicious moist food.  But when I asked him if he had ever done a low and slow pork shoulder or a brisket or even smoked ribs he looked blankly at me and said “no, I don’t have the time for that and why would you want to”…………… Um, WHAT?.. That sounded the challenge alarm in my head.

We use our Weber Q quite a lot, even more now that it is summer and just the thought of turning the oven on in the kitchen makes me start perspiring! And you know what? The instructor is right – the best thing about this BBQ is that it makes cooking so easy and quick, everything just seems to come out of it tasting great. BUT as I am about to show you, it can also do slow cooking to perfection!

So, I did have the time on Saturday and I did have a 2 kg/ 4.4 lbs pork shoulder handy. The challenge was set for Low and Slow Pulled Pork on the Weber Q BBQ !

Trawling around the internet does not turn up a whole lot about how to cook low and slow on the Weber Q so here is my recipe and method for Low and Slow Pulled Pork.

It came out delicious, moist and beating the pants of any slow cooker/crock pot pulled pork I have ever done or tried and best of all – its completely Paleo! Give it ago and let me know how it went. I’m sure it could be adapted to any gas BBQ. I have added a few progress photos at the bottom of the page.



Low and Slow Pulled Pork

Cuisine: Barbecue / BBQ
Serves: Lots
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:

Low and Slow Pulled Pork on the Weber Q
  • 2 kg / 4.4 lbs Pork Shoulder or Boston Butt
  • Your favourite Pork Brine – enough to cover the meat
  • Your favourite pork rub
  • Apple Juice
  • Water
  • Wood chips or pellets for smoking

  1. The Night Before – Using a bowl large enough to handle the brine and pork. Mix up your brine and submerge the pork in it, cover with cling film and place in the fridge.
  2. BBQ Day – Remove the pork from the brine **don’t rinse the pork**
  3. Rub the pork all over with your favourite rub mixture. Cover and let it rise to room temperature.
  4. Prepare the BBQ – Add your wood chips or pellets to your smoke box or foil pouch. Place on the BBQ over one of the burners.
  5. Light the BBQ and get it to 107°C / 225°F – I got it there by only using the middle burner on low.
  6. Arrange a grill or trivet over the top of a large foil BBQ tray and place in the centre of the BBQ, fill the tray with ½ water and ½ apple juice.
  7. Grab your pork and place on the rack/trivet on the BBQ.
  8. Close the lid. You may have to fiddle with the gas to get it up or down to 107°C / 225°F
  9. Check the temp and liquid level every few hours – if it is getting to hot, consider propping the lid open just a little. Top up the liquid in the pan if it is getting low.
  10. Baste every now and again with the liquid from the pan.
  11. After 10 hours your pork should be done, make sure the internal temperature of the pork is at least 95°C / 203°F, if it is lower than this then keep on cooking!
  12. Remove the pork from the BBQ, wrap in foil and let it rest for 45 – 60 min. Trust me, this makes it even better!
  13. Remove the skin (if you kept it on) and save for cracking – I placed ours under the grill for a few minutes and it turned out wonderful!
  14. Pull apart the pork with forks or meat rakes!
  15. Serve however you wish with what ever sauce you like.
  16. Enjoy!



Pork in BrineThe night before I mixed up the Brine (from Mad Hunky).







Pork 7 Hours In The pork at 7 hours into the cook, this also shows the tray and trivet method I used.






Temp Reading

Showing the temp, nice and steady at 225°F



Pulled Pork



Ohhhhh Yeahhhhh! Pulling apart this wonderful meat.